Thursday, March 22, 2012


"I've had sunshine, I've had coffee... It's beautiful. What more can you want?"
I overheard someone on the phone speaking the other day and she was saying this to the person on the other line. I was astounded at the calmness in her voice, the sincerity in her description of a beautiful day. I really enjoy hearing things like this... It gives me a searing hope that we really are grateful and loving towards the simple things in life.

I am so grateful for the sunshine... And even more grateful for the crickets that make such a loud hugging hum in the evening; the soft quiet sweat on a summer night (een though it's still spring...) it's just something I've always felt comfortable with... It's very human to be comforted by the heat. And coming from a night owl... That's a lot:)

- abigayel

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