Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The First Joke and other Important Happenings

Introductions aren't my thing. Nothing I say sounds clever enough. More often than not I resort to bad puns or awfully 'deep' imagery that makes even the most patient person roll their eyes. So sitting here at this computer screen, waiting to slip under my covers, I figured my best approach would be to be honest. So here I am, in all honesty.
I have no words to explain myself. But maybe that's the best explanation of all. I classify myself as a culture-enthusiast. It's difficult for someone to find a topic I don't know anything about. I read (the title of this post is from The Magician's Nephew). I draw. I write.
My friend will be posting here tomorrow, making her introduction and posting her quote. I can only imagine how awful mine will sound next to her eloquent words, but I digress.
My 'quote post' is next!
Until then, adieu!


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