Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"I hate quotations" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most of the while, I probably have something along the lines of Elijah Wood (his acting, and adorable eyes), Tolkien's writing, the 1800s, and social activism on my mind. I love finding lines in songs that serendipitously coincide with how I feel, simultaneously explaining a massively confunding philosophical theory I have brewing in my head (they still remain a mystery).

Most of all I like collecting my notes, and quotations (duh!), and I love daydreaming that I am a gardening Hobbit, at the same time a writer, and at the same same time, Elizabeth Bennet, or along the lines of someone very cool from her time.

and I like to create change, I like the feel of it. So I thought the Heartfelt Diaries might be a cool place where people can find, well, heartfelt, or even sometimes outlandish-- but none-the-less special quotations-- found by none other than myself or Aryion. and speaking of Aryion, if we read these introductions years down the line, and are still working on this blog, that would make me smile a thousand times over. I hope this will be an ever-growing thread of our friendship.

Since people normally read introductions far down the line of a blog, I'll end now and tell you to enjoy if you are taking a peek!

much love to all, as always,

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