Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Teen Years

"I feel like to be 'in love' cannot happen until you don't love anyone at all"- Heather Flinn

Hello! It's been a bit! Wanted to keep my submission until the end of the day because I traveled to the MoMA today! It was my first time going and I really enjoyed it, although per usual I am more apt to like the art styles the Met has created. (Although I am wholly and entirely infatuated with design an typeface). While on the bus there I was talking with one of my friends and somehow we ended up on the topic of love. We both have similar views about the thing.

I believe that there is different types of love, but the version I attribute the word to has to do with companionship. I feel like love is like having a sibling, that you can't love them without having to hate them with all your might at one point and still want to live with the person.

When she said the quote above it really hit me, it was exactly what I feel like about the topic. It makes me happy that I've now put a sentence to the feeling because I hate to have society fill in the blank for me.

I 'love' Rothko!

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