Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fredrik Gertten

"When you have mighty enemies, it's good to have many friends"
 -Fredrik Gertten

*ahem* i was just about to blog, ar! haha.

So I just came back from the Environmental Film Festival at Yale, and i've seen like 3 screenings so far. tonight though was by far my favorite film, a film called Big Boys Gone Bananas!, an amazing sequel to Gertten's first documentary Bananas, that filmed the legal battle between Nicaraguan banana farmers and Dole fruit company, and the pesticide use that was causing medical issues and beyond to these workers.

When Gertten and his small company of 4, based in Sweden, were about to launch their first film at the L.A film festival, Dole WENT BANANAS. I mean, they flipped out-- they emailed, and sent notices, and subtle threats to everyone related to this film, even to the L.A film festival organization. long story short, he did get to play his documentary there, but Dole filed a suit right after.

Big Boys Gone Bananas! chronicles Gertten's unwillingness to give in to the corporate scheme. i had the opportunity to watch the film alongside Gertten, the director. afterwards he spoke. preceding the screening and interview, he said the quotation above.

i think its so important to stand up to the powers that be. its amazing how the crowd reacted to the ending of the movie, which i won't ruin.

but everyone burst into applause, and stood up and everything. we really do salute truth, and this guy told it.

boycott Dole! (and stick up for independent documentarians)


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